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Manifesting The Relationship You Want

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Our Life's Moment Academy Inc

Manifesting the Relationship You Want is an annual conference that aims to empower single, married, and professional women to redefine their relationships and break free from toxic patterns. This transformative event first started in the USA back in 2021, and it took place this year in the beautiful country of Guyana in 2023. Looking ahead, we are already planning to launch this event again on August 25, 2024. The Manifesting the Relationship You Want conference is not just about personal relationships; it also delves into the realm of interpersonal connections. We believe that by understanding and mastering the dynamics of healthy relationships, attendees will be able to attract and cultivate the love, support, and fulfillment they truly deserve in every aspect of their lives.

When and where

08:00 AM , 25-Aug-2024
Sun 25-Aug
Princess Ramada Hotel - Georgetown, Guyana
Track BS Block 'Z' Plantation, Providence, EBD, Guyana


Join Coach Michelle's event featuring workshops and panel discussions on various aspects where manifestation plays a crucial role, not just in love life but in every facet. Hosted by Ms. Feliz Robertson and Ms. Sophie Dolphin, the event is open for vendors and sponsorship opportunities. Grab your chance now!

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