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If you're unable to find your answer below, feel free to call/WhatsApp us at
(592) 704-SALT or email us at: support@potsalt.events


Potsalt Events app is available on Android and iOs. Please ensure that you search 'Potsalt Events' in the app store.

The app will be used in conjunction with an e-ticket that is only accessible via the Potsalt Events app.You must have a Potsalt Events account in order to place an order, if you are not logged in already, you will be prompted to log in mid booking. Once your booking has processed, you will be able to access your e-tickets by logging into the Potsalt Events app, using the same email and password you would use to log into your Potsalt Events account online.

There could be a temporary issue with the app. Here's a quick fix you can try:

Clear the app's cache and data: This removes temporary files that might be causing the problem. Here's how to clear the cache and data (steps may vary slightly depending on your device):


Go to Settings > Apps & notifications (or Applications) > See all apps. Find the app you're having trouble with, tap on it, then tap on Storage. You'll see options to "Clear cache" and "Clear storage" (or "Clear data").


Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Find the app you're having trouble with and tap on it. You'll see an option to "Offload App" (which clears the app data but keeps the app itself) or "Delete App" (which removes both the app and its data). Reinstalling the app will give you a fresh start.

If clearing the cache and data doesn't resolve the issue, you can try restarting your device or checking if there's an update available for the app.


If you select MMG as your payment method, you will see your tickets as soon as the organizer confirms payment. Other payment methods such as PayPal will show your tickets
immediately once funds are successfully transferred.

If an event is selling tickets on this platform, we recommend that you buy your tickets in advance to avoid any
disappointment.We cannot guarantee that there will be tickets available on the event day.

To request a refund you will need to contact the event organizer directly. Because Potsalt Events is the ticketing system, not the event organizer,
Potsalt Events cannot refund or exchange tickets on behalf of the event organizer. The organizer contact information can be found on the event page.


We understand the importance of data privacy and offer a process for removing your account and personal data from our system. This process involves a permanent deletion of all information associated with your account. To begin this process, please reach out to our support team via email at support@potsalt.events. Make sure to send the request from the email address linked to your account and provide any necessary verification information to confirm your identity.