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Event Ticketing in 5 easy steps

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Full set of ticketing features for event organizers

Effortless Event Setup

Our user-friendly interface allows you to create and customize event pages in minutes. Simply input event details, add eye-catching visuals, and set up ticket categories with ease.

Flexible Ticketing Options

Tailor your ticket types to match the diverse preferences of your attendees. Offer early-bird discounts, VIP packages, group rates, and more. Our flexible ticketing options give you the freedom to set prices that fit your event's objectives.

Seamless Online Ticket Sales

Reach a broader audience with our robust online ticketing system. Attendees can purchase tickets 24/7 from the comfort of their homes, boosting your event's accessibility and overall attendance.

Secure Payment Processing

Rest easy knowing that all transactions are handled securely through our trusted payment gateway, MMG.

Real-time Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your event's performance with our real-time analytics dashboard. Track ticket sales, monitor attendee demographics, and measure marketing campaign effectiveness to make informed decisions.

Promotional Tools

Leverage our integrated marketing tools to promote your event effectively. Our “How to purchase tickets” video for events generate buzz and drive ticket sales.

Mobile Accessibility

Our platform is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that potential attendees can easily browse event details and purchase tickets on the go.

Customizable Branding

Maintain consistent branding by customizing your event page to reflect your unique identity. Upload logos and flyers, using colour schemes that resonate with your target audience.

Attendee Communication

Keep attendees informed before, during, and after the event with automated email notifications. Provide updates, important information, and post-event content to enhance the attendee experience.

Check-in Solutions

Simplify on-site check-in processes with our integrated solutions. Scan QR codes using the scanner in our mobile app to streamline entry and ensure a smooth event experience.

Support and Assistance

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you every step of the way. From initial setup to event day troubleshooting, we're here to ensure your event's success.

Data Security

Your event and attendee data are treated with the utmost care. Our platform adheres to the highest security standards to protect sensitive information.

Organizers are Raving About Potsalt Events

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“I would definitely, 110% recommend using Potsalt Events app for every event that you have”

S. Spooner
Organizer of Nostalgia Ultimate 90s - 2000s party